Specialist Hazardous Chemical Transporters

Runga Trans Specialist Hazardous Chemical Transporters

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Core Business

The core of our business is to collect the client’s goods from the said collection point and to deliver it to the said destination point on the stipulated times supplied to by the client. We specialize in the carriage of any quantity from 1kg upto 32,000kgs (32tons). Goods that we convey are usually packaged in drums, flowbins, polycans, bulk bags, palletised cargo, but not restricted to these.

We are consolidators and distributors, meaning: we collect all smaller quantities with our local vehicles and bring it together to our respective depots and consolidate it onto one big truck which will then transport that cargo to the respective province/ depot. Once that truck has reached its respective depot the goods will then be redistributed on smaller local vehicles to the said delivery points.

The second part of our business is warehousing. We have warehouses in all four branches. Here we will store the client’s goods at a nominal fee and we will then deliver to the client’s customers upon request by the client. We do container transportation from the terminals to our depots or clients said destination. We do container unpacking and turn-ins (enquire for rates). We are able to facilitate office space, reception and admin duties for clients that do not have branches in the respective province.

Warehousing space:

  • Rossburgh: 2000 sq. m;
  • Pinetown: 2100 sq. m;
  • Gauteng: 1200 sq. m;
  • Capetown: 1650 sq. m;