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Social Responsibility

Our main focus is on Family and more importantly orphaned, disadvantaged and physically challenged children.

We have been sponsoring a child, Lindelani, for approximately 2 years now. Not only is he an orphan but he also has a condition known as cerebral palsy.

Lindelani belongs to the Cerebal Palsy Foundation in Durban. Read the write up of Lindelani here... (PDF Document)

Apart from our monthly contribution towards his maintenance and upbringing , we contribute to the foundation itself, assisting them throughout the year with various donations.

In 2010 we helped sponsor part of their Christmas Party. The members of cerebral palsy and our staff had a great time.

Time is also being allocated to visit the foundation on a regular basis to spend some much needed quality time with these kids that need all the love and support they can get.

We have recently added to our list the Chubby Chums foundation based in Gauteng. They provide both homes and healthcare facilities for abandoned and orphaned babies and children.

At this point we have committed to making monthly contribution to the organisation; however we are looking into getting more involved in the near future once we have more manpower to do so.